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3 Cleaning Myths Debunked

1. The “Use Newspaper for Streak-Free Glass” Myth 

It’s widely believed that newspaper can replace paper towel in the fight against dirty windows. Although newspaper used to be a great tool to clean glass, due to the current ink and paper that is used to make newspaper, it’s no longer a suggested cleaning material. In fact, using newspaper may actually leave streaks on your glass. Instead, microfiber cloths can be used to get your glass clean and streak-free. 

2. The “Tidying Up is the Same as Disinfecting” Myth 

To tidy up an area is to remove dirt or clutter at the surface level with the goal of making a space look cleaner or preventing the spread of bacteria. However, to disinfect is to eliminate microscopic organisms, such as bacteria and viruses, known to cause infections. It’s important to clean away clutter and dirt on top of surfaces before attempting to disinfect in order to maximize the elimination of germs. Additionally, spraying air freshener is not a form of tidying up or disinfecting. It may mask odors, but it doesn’t address the problem. However, whether you’re straightening up or disinfecting, both will help get rid of a dirty home! 

3. The “If It Smells Good, Then It Must Be Clean” Myth 

Similar to air fresheners, the smell of laundry detergent can convince people that an item is clean. If you’ve ever sniffed a dirty shirt, decided it smelled fine, and used that as justification to wear it, you know about this myth. Bacteria doesn’t always produce an odor, meaning even if you have a sweet-smelling outfit, it doesn’t mean it’s clean. You also shouldn’t be fooled by the “new clothing” scent. It’s possible to transfer lice, scabies, bacteria and fungus from one person to another person when clothes are tried on, and this doesn’t go away when you buy them. Washing or disinfecting clothes before wearing them is vital – even if they smell good.

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