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3 Easy Steps to Mega Clean Dishwasher!

The dishwasher…

I mean this guy and my washing machine are the hardest working appliances in my life. I heart them both so much! I could go without a refrigerator, a stove, and maybe even the AC (as long it’s a month that ends in the letters “er”!). But take away my dishwasher or my clothes washing machine…well, you and I just don’t even want to think about how ugly that would look.

I have a strong feeling I’m not the only one with these strong feelings!

The thing is though, the harder these appliances work for us, the harder we need to work for them. What do I mean? Well, let me ask you this – when was the last time you properly cleaned your dishwasher?

I know it seems silly to have to clean a cleaning machine, but even the top of the line dishwashers need a little TLC!  Lucky for you, we at Two Maids & A Mop specialize in clean and love to find ways to make our cleaning machines stand the test of time.

We did a little research on the subject and here’s what we found:

Step 1: Clear out the drain

This is a great place for food, soap scum, and a whole host of unidentified nastiness to hang out and wreak havoc. After a while this build up can clog your drain creating a less efficient dishwasher. A less efficient dishwasher results in higher utility bills and even worse – dirty, germy dishes. Yuck! Clear that drain!

Step 2: Run a cleaning cycle with White Vinegar

That’s right, this trusty household staple is at it again! Vinegar is an excellent way to get attack any odors and discoloration that have occurred in your machine.  Pour 2 cups of white vinegar in a clean bowl and place the bowl on the bottom rack of an otherwise empty machine. (Some of our research suggests placing the bowl in the top rack…we think either is fine!). Next, run a normal cleaning cycle on your hottest setting and let the vinegar do its magic. This sends the vinegar throughout the cycle resulting in a sanitized and deodorized dishwasher.

Honestly, you could stop after Step 2, but for all of you over-achievers out there, here’s one more step to wrap up your Dishwasher’s spa time.

Step 3: Run a cleaning cycle with Baking Soda

We couldn’t leave Baking Soda out of the cleaning fun! Is this stuff amazing or what?  It is so cheap and has so many uses!! So grab your box of baking soda and sprinkle a cup full along the bottom of your dishwasher. Follow up with a short cycle on the hottest setting. This will help further sanitize and deodorize your dishwasher.

Step 4: Make a huge pan of lasagna, invite over all your friends to dirty up every single plate you own, then toss it all in your super clean amazing dishwasher!

Step 5: After your super amazing lasagna party call your local Two Maids & A Mop to clean up the mess your super amazing friends created!

The End! 

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