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3 Ways to Set a Healthy Example on National Clean Up Your Room Day

Attention all parents: May 10 is National Clean Up Your Room Day, which means it is not only a great time to encourage your kids to clean their rooms, but it’s also a day for you to set a healthy example! 

Here are 3 ways you can show your children the importance of keeping your room tidy: 

1. Sell or donate old clothes 

Clothes tend to accumulate on floors and in closets, which can make a room look much more unorganized. If you haven’t worn that shirt in a year, it’s probably time to get rid of it. Show your children that there are tons of ways to benefit from organizing your closet, such as selling or donating your used clothing, shoes and accessories. To sell your clothes through an app, do some research to figure out which selling app may be best for you, and remember to consider shipping costs as well as what percent the app takes from each purchase. Not technologically savvy? No problem! Donating your clothes can be extremely rewarding and a great motivator – Remind yourself and your children that by donating your old clothing, you can provide those in need with items that will actually get used, instead of sitting in your closet. 

2. Teach healthy laundry habits 

Clothes really seem to be the culprit in messy rooms! Whether clean or dirty, your shirts, pants and pajamas can contribute to clutter – and bacteria – in your bedroom. Dirty laundry in particular – whether scattered or in a bin – is not only visually unappealing, but it can also affect your health. Humans shed up to 500 million skin cells, and secrete one liter of sweat each day…And yes, that can transfer to your clothing. Bacteria and organisms can survive on clothing for weeks or even months and can cause illness, acne and skin irritations. To teach healthy laundry habits, it’s important to not let dirty clothing build up, and it’s also helpful to fold or hang clean laundry right after washing. 

3. Wash your bedding often  

This advice may go out the door as soon as your child goes to college, but for now, clean sheets should be a priority. As you sleep, dead skin cells, sweat and body oil often build up in your sheets. The Good Housekeeping Institute says you should wash your sheets – and other bedding – at least once every two weeks. However, if you sweat a lot, are sick or are allergic to dust mites, the washing should be increased. Your sheets aren’t the only thing collecting your sweat, skin and dust – your pillows and mattress should also be cleaned. Pillows and mattresses should be washed every six months or so to reduce the accumulation of germs and dust mites. A clean bed is a huge win for a clean room, and National Clean Up Your Room Day is a great time to show your children healthy cleaning habits. 

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