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4 Gifts for Your Messiest Friend this Holiday Season

What’s better than a hot beverage on a cold winter morning? Knowing that all of your coffee pods are organized and easy to find! Not only will this save your gift recipients’ counter or cupboard from a mess of random pods, it will also help them find the perfect holiday flavor faster.  

For the fur parent in your life, toy organization is a must. There are plenty of cute baskets that your friends or family members will love, without breaking the bank for you. Throw a few new toys in the basket to show your gift is both adorable and functional. 

Keep your friends’ feet warm and their house clean with mop slippers! Reusable microfiber shoe covers will help keep floors clean simply by walking around. Plus, there are different colors that can be used for each room to prevent cross contamination. 

Your messy friends might appreciate this gift the most – a professional house cleaning. Give your loved ones a break for the holiday season by gifting them a one-time or reoccurring Two Maids & A Mop cleaning service, so they can keep their home clean without lifting a finger. Give your closest Two Maids & A Mop a call today to get started. 

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