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5 Tips for Minimal-Effort Cleaning

1. Leave your shoes, and your dirt at the door 

One of the simplest ways to keep your house clean is to take your shoes off right as you walk through the door. Not only will your shoes remain in one place and not scattered around the house, but germs and bacteria will not be spreading to your kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms. A 2016 study by researchers at the University of Arizona reported that the average shoe sole is covered with 421,000 bacteria and that 90 percent of those bacteria transfer directly to a clean tile floor on first contact. Sure, your floor may already be dirty and your feet themselves carry germs, but it’s still good practice to not wear your shoes indoors in order to reduce the spread of bacteria. And, leaving your shoes at the door also reduces the spread of dirt, snow, salt and sand on your beautiful tile, hardwood and carpeted floors. 

2. The darker the towel, the less obvious the stain 

Although you should wash your towels often due to the bacteria that accumulates, there are some stains that might just want to stick around. Dishtowels, hand towels and even bath towels that look dirty are not appealing to the guests looking to use them. There’s a way to get around this, however, which is to buy darker towels. Making a point to use dark towels is a sneaky way to hide the stains and imperfections that make your guests cringe. This won’t eliminate the germs on your towels, but it will definitely create a cleaner appearance! 

3. Use your dishwasher for more than just dishes 

The dishwasher is a very underused appliance when it comes to cleaning items other than dishes. When used for items like toys, shoes and makeup brushes, the dishwasher can be a handy tool to reduce dirt and germs. Plus, placing things in the dishwasher requires less effort than handwashing! Just make sure to distinguish items that need soap or special care, versus simply a rinse cycle. 

Items to consider cleaning in the dishwasher: 

  • Children’s toys like Legos 
  • Sweaty baseball caps (Use the top rack to keep their shape!) 
  • Your computer keyboard 
  • Gardening tools 
  • Rubber shoes 
  • Makeup brushes 
  • Sports gear 
  • & more

4. Be proactive – Prepare your oven and stovetop 

Oven and stovetop liners are the key to being proactive when it comes to spilled food and stuck-on residue. Remember when you made that lovely apple pie, only to realize some of the filling had dropped down and stained your oven? That could have been avoided with a disposable oven liner. How about the time you made delicious marinara sauce on your stovetop and also made a mess? Stovetop liners could have saved you the time you spent cleaning. And that time you got toaster crumbs in the space between your stove and counter? You don’t have to find out what’s living down there if you use counter gap covers. Ultimately, one way to avoid cleaning a mess is to prepare your oven, stove and countertops before it happens.  

5. Hire a Professional Cleaning Service 

Perhaps the simplest way to clean while putting in minimal effort is to have someone else do it – Hiring a trusted cleaning service provider to take care of your organizational needs is the ultimate cleaning tip for laziness! Two Maids & A Mop provides residential cleaning services to homeowners throughout the United States and offers multiple cleaning packages, including one time services. The best part? Our Pay for Performance plan means that your level of satisfaction determines the amount of pay received by the two maids assigned to your home, providing extra motivation to do their best every time they clean your home. If you’re having a lazy day, but you still need your house cleaned, let your closest Two Maids & A Mop do the dirty work. 

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