Back to School Sanity Savers – Easy as ABC

School is back in full swing and quite possibly so is the chaos in your home. No worries though! Keeping your school stuff organized and your Mama brain sane can be as easy as ABC…

Always keep school papers in the same place.

Even in this digital age, it seems like kids still bring home a TON of papers every day from school. To keep up with all of these important papers, declare one place in your home “THE IMPORTANT PAPER PLACE“.  Silly name, but a super sanity saver!

The Important Paper Place (IPP) can be a large bowl, a basket, a brightly colored file folder…whatever works for you and your space. No matter what you decide to use the key is this: it needs to stay in the same spot day after day. And remember, it is only for important papers from school. No bills, no coupons, no shopping lists, nothing but school papers allowed in the IPP!

So, anytime your child comes to you with a paper from school all you need to say is, “Thanks! Go put it in the Important Paper Place. I’ll look at it in a minute.” This helps you stay on task and helps everyone know where the important school papers are at all times. At the end of the night look in the IPP, sign what needs to be signed, read what needs to be read and toss what needs to be tossed. You are winning at this fancy IPP thing!

Baskets are your new best friend

Baskets are basically sanity savers in and of themselves when it comes to kids! They are great to keep beside the back door for dirty shoes, along the counter for lunch boxes and water bottles, in bedrooms to organize outfits for the week, in the pantry for lunchbox/snack options…you name it, there’s a basket that’s PERFECT for it!

Baskets are also great because they are so readily available and come in any shape, size, color and prize point! Win, win, win and win!!

One excellent way to keep your sanity this school year is to assign each child a basket to keep all of their school supplies, computer chargers and books in. Every night when it’s time to do homework, each child simply grabs their basket and takes it to their homework station. No getting up and down multiple times gathering books and papers or searching for highlighters and pencils. Everything they need is all in that one basket. Viola!

Clear the clutter nightly

This is HUGE! If you don’t do anything else, do this!

Make it a family habit to clear clutter EVERY night. Papers, backpack trash, empty containers in lunchboxes…clear that mess out every night before heading to bed.  As the saying goes, “The day starts the night before”. Start your day clutter free and it will be a lot better for everyone.

Keeping your sanity this school year is easy as ABC…but if you are needing a few more letters in your life…say a little…TLC…be sure to call your local Two Maids & A Mop ASAP for an F-R-E-E cleaning quote today!

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