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Bet You Never Thought You Needed to Clean This!

When is the last time you cleaned your faucet aerator?

My what?!


At the end of your faucet is a small screen that keeps filaments and junk out of your water and allows proper water flow to occur.  Thant thing can bet pretty nasty and slow down your water flow if you don’t clean it every couple of months.  Who knew?

Yep…once you take this thing apart you’ll most likely see a nice thick layer of black sludge…and you’ve been using that water to brush your teeth! YUCK!

Disassemble the aerator with either your fingers or, if necessary, a pair of pliers. Note: Be careful not to damage the chrome of the faucet if you use pliers. Try placing a piece of paper or maybe a thin rag or electrical tape in between the two to create a barrier.

Next lay out the parts on a towel or rag in the order you remove the parts to make assembly foolproof. (keep this cheat sheet nearby in case you forget the order of things).

Use a toothbrush to scrub the parts with a baking soda and vinegar paste and rinse well.

Gunk can also build up inside the faucet neck so you may want to go ahead and clean it out with your toothbrush too while you have the chance. Then flush out any loosened debris with water.

Once everything is dry, reassemble. You will not be able to enjoy a nice steady flow of gunk-free water!

Before you completely wipe your hands clean of this project, go ahead and make a note in your calendar to clean your aerator again in a few months.

Now that you’ve cleaned your sink aerator, why don’t you reward yourself and give your local Two Maids & A Mop a call to come clean the rest of your home!

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