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How to Clean Your Washing Machine

Ok, I confess…

As a mom of four kids (who I swear change clothes at least 500 times a day) my washing machine is not a luxury, it is an absolute necessity!  That poor thing gets a harder work-out every day than Arnold Schwarzenegger did in the 80’s.

So. Many. Dirty. Clothes.

This power house of a machine works hard all day every day. So, I need to do whatever it takes to make sure it lives a long and productive life! I’ve found that a huge part of this is giving it an occasional deep clean.

If you too want to give your washing machine some TLC, read through the following steps, grab your supplies and get going!  

  • First, put on some regular cleaning gloves. Then fill a spray bottle with a 1:1 ratio of vinegar and warm water.
  • Give the entire inside of your washing machine a good spray down. If you are using a top load washer with an agitator, spray this down with the water/vinegar mixture as well.
  • Note: Mold really likes to hang out around those rubber gaskets so be sure to pull them back and spray in there as well.
  • Now you can grab those old rags or paper towels and wipe down the areas you just sprayed. You may need to use your small scrub brush to get way down into the area behind the rubber gaskets (a toothbrush works great too!).
  • Be sure to clean out the detergent dispenser. And go ahead and wipe down the inside of the washing machine lid too.
  • Next turn the water on hot/hot and pour in 2-3 cups of vinegar in with the running water (no detergent) and run a regular large load cycle.
  • The last step is cleaning the outside of your washer. Use the remaining water/vinegar solution to spray down the outer surfaces of your machine. Finish up by wiping everything down with your rags or paper towels.
  • Now step back and celebrate your sparkling clean washing machine!

Leave the lid open between uses to allow the interior to dry out each time. This helps prevent mildew and extend the cleanliness of your washing machine. Repeat the above steps every few months and you are all set!


Check back again soon for more household cleaning tips from the Two Maids Blog! Better yet, give your local Two Maids & A Mop a call and schedule your Spring cleaning today!

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