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Parents: Help Your College Students Start the School Year with a Clean Room

Parents: Help Your College Students Start the School Year with a Clean Room

Before you say “see you later” to your college student, you’ll be saying “hello” to his or her new home – the dorm! 

With back-to-school time approaching, it’s important that your children maintain a healthy living environment, especially in college. It will be their responsibility to maintain their dorm room, but it’s helpful to start the year off with a clean, tidy space. Here are some tips to create an organized dorm: 

Clean, clean, clean! 

Before moving in your child’s personal items, it’s important to wipe down the existing furniture and surfaces. If a bed and a desk, or even a dresser, are provided, give those items a good disinfecting right from the start. Sweep the floor, wipe the mirrors and windows and definitely attend to any doorknobs or drawer handles. This will also give you a chance to make sure everything in the room is working and in good shape. If a desk chair is missing or a lightbulb doesn’t work, you can get that taken care of before the school year starts.  

Organization is key 

Dorms are typically tiny, and you will need to get creative with space. Your child should consider only bringing the clothing he or she absolutely needs for the current season. By leaving winter wardrobe at home during the warmer months, extra space can be created in the closet and drawers. Additionally, use the space under the bed for storage, especially for items like suitcases that won’t need to be accessed often. You could also look into investing in multi-use furniture, such as a storage ottoman. Storage ottomans can hold a variety items such as textbooks, blankets, accessories or even snacks – providing seating, storage and of course, style. 

A clean dorm room can give your children a space to study, relax and sleep, encouraging a productive school year. And, if your child is living in an apartment or house for school, gifting them with a professional cleaning service can be beneficial in the long run. At the very least, they could have the place cleaned before your next visit! 

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