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Company’s Coming! Are you ready?!

The holidays are almost here! Is your house company ready?

Well, if not, no need to get your turkey in a twist my friend!  We’ve put together a few cleaning tips to help you have a clean and clutter free home in no time!

Before we get started though…first, just take a deep breath and remember most guests will be only be in three parts of your home:  the kitchen, the family room, and the bathroom. This means you can pretty much ignore the other parts of the house if you are really in a pinch! 

Ok, let’s do this! First, go grab a garbage bag or a large basket, walk around these three main rooms and pick up anything that doesn’t belong.  No need to put these things in their proper place at this time, unless you have a few extra minutes. For now, just toss that basket of randoms in a closed closet…you have company coming!

Next, grab your cleaning supplies and spend some time on the bathroom and kitchen.

The bathroom is where most of your guests will actually notice the nasty. Be sure to clear off the counters, clean the surfaces including the outside of the toilet, sinks, and mirror and maybe even dust the lights and baseboards, if needed. Always have fresh towels, nice smelling soap and make sure to have extra toilet tissue available. (No one likes to have ask their host if they have a square to spare!).

Next in line is the kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of the home and where most of us seem to gather when hanging out with friends. You don’t have to have fancy appliances to make a big impact, but you do want a clean space. Make sure your counters are clean, empty out your sink and shine the faucet.  If you have time give the fronts of your appliances and cabinets a quick clean along with stove top and any eating spots.

For an extra home-y touch, toss in a few sticks of cinnamon and an orange or two in a pot of water. Set it to simmer an hour or so before your guests arrive.  You’ll have some amazing holiday smells to great your guests when they walk through the door!

Then on to the living room – fluff the pillows, give a quick run over the carpet with a vacuum and check your light bulbs. (Those guys seem have a great talent of blowing out right when company comes in!).

And that’s it! You are done! Now go relax and enjoy your guests!

The holidays are coming and so is your company. There’s no need to panic though! Follow these tips and you’ll have a nice clean home for your guests and a nice stress free mind for your self.

If you don’t have time to clean your home, don’t let the stress of the mess gobble up your Thanksgiving happy! Just give your local Two Maids & A Mop a call and they’ll be there…in a…snappy (sorry, had to!) !

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