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Could Your Messy Bedroom Be Preventing a Good Night’s Sleep?

You’ve been waiting for this moment all day. You’ve been thinking about your warm blankets and fluffy pillows, and you’ve settled into your cozy pajamas. Yes, it’s finally bed time. 

You walk around the piles of dirty laundry on your floor to get to your bed where you sink into your dirty sheets. You stare at the dirty plate on your counter as you think about the random collection of items sprawled on the other side of your bed. Wait… this no longer sounds relaxing! 

Turns out, your messy bedroom could be preventing you from having a good night’s sleep. No matter how comfy your bed is or cozy your pj’s are, a cluttered room can be quite distracting to your mind. A study, conducted by New York’s St. Lawrence University, found that people who have more clutter filling the open space in their bedrooms take longer to fall asleep than those with neat and tidy rooms – leading to increased tiredness the next day, making it less likely that the room will be cleaned up. 

Think about it this way – how are you supposed to sleep when you are focusing on all the things you have to clean up in the morning? How can your body feel relaxed when there are items on your bed that don’t belong there? It can be difficult to break this cycle, but keeping a tidy room can have plenty of benefits, including the ability to have more sound sleep. If you feel unable to make the first move, check out our locations and give your closest Two Maids & A Mop a call today – we’ll tidy up your home and help break the cycle! 

Ready to get started? Here are five things you can toss from your bedroom right now. 

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