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How to Declutter Your Entire Home in 3 Easy Steps

Keeping an organized home doesn’t have to be a crazy stressful thing!

Follow these three easy steps to have your home cleared out and cleaned up in just a few hours…or okay, maybe an afternoon…how cluttered is your house?

Step 1: Pick a room, any room!

Tackle one room at a time and stay in that room until you are finished! It is way too easy to get distracted from the task at hand if you leave your work space. Say you decided to take that dirty coffee cup from last forever ago to the kitchen. On your way to the kitchen you pass the stack of mail and realize Young woman diving into her very messy, unorganized closet searching for something. Vertical haven’t paid the Power Company. Then you go to your computer to pay the bill…let’s just do a quick peak at Facebook while you’re there…the next thing you know you look at the clock and it’s two hours later and WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!?!? Nope, it’s best to just stay in your space. Remember, it pays to stay! (And while you are doing your staying you may as well turn on some blaring tunes…make this a party my friend! You are getting stuff done today!)

Step 2: Piles for progress!

Choose a space in your room for piles 1 (trash), 2 (give away), 3 (wrong room) and 4 (stay to put away).  Look around your room and anything that is not in its place should be tossed into one of these four piles. And here’s the key: this should be done super-fast!! If you stop to think too hard about, “Hmm…cute sweater…I like it, but I haven’t worn it in forever…but hey, what if one day I take a ski trip in the Alps…” NO! No thinking, just sorting! Go!

Step 3:   Throw out and Put away

                  Pile 1: take everything chunk it in a garbage bag and toss out of the room. B’bye trash!

                  Pile 2: Put these things in a bag and toss out of the room too. And no take backs! You already decided to toss it in the give-away                         pile. Be like Elsa and LET IT GO! (By the way, be sure to label your bags from piles 1 and 2…getting those two mixed up would be a                     bad thing.)

                  Pile 3: Silly pile three…how did all this stuff end up in here anyways? Put these things in a bag, box basket whatever you have and                     send that out of the room.

                  Now on to pile 4!:  You are almost finished, hang in there! Remember, the goal is to stay in your space. You will want to take a                               handful of hangers to the clothes and place all the clothes on the hangers at one time. THEN go to the closet to hang everything.                         Those items that need to be folded? Same thing. Sit and fold it all in one spot, then place them in their respective drawers. The                           name of the game here is Efficiency and Focus! The less you move around the house, the more focused you are on the task at hand                   and before you know is the task is hand is D-O-N-E!

Now move on to the next room and repeat!

At the end of your declutter party take all bags of trash out to the curb and all “Donate” bags to your car.

After you are finished with each room give yourself a little reward. When you’ve completed all rooms, sit down, prop up and look at all you have accomplished! In just three easy steps you’ve cleaned up and cleared out your home! Congratulations, you are officially a Rockstar!!

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