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Don’t Fight About Cleaning This Valentine’s Day – Pay Somebody Else to Do It!

Twenty-five percent of people who were divorced in the U.S. named “disagreements about housework” as the number one reason for their divorce, according to this working paper from the Harvard Business School and the University of British Columbia. Using data from nine studies of cohabitating working adults in committed relationships, scholars found that both men and women become frustrated working a “second shift” at home. 

The suggested solution? Pay somebody else to do it.

“The key finding is that couples who spend money to save time — think hiring a house cleaner or sending out the laundry — are more satisfied with their relationships than couples who don’t spend money this way,” according to Business Insider

Why? Couples who outsource chores gain the ability to spend more quality time together, making the relationship happier as a whole.  

If you’ve been arguing with your partner over house chores, it may be worth it spend the money on hiring a professional cleaning service. In fact, with Valentine’s Day this month, now is the perfect opportunity to gift your sweetheart a clean house, leaving you more time to spend together doing things you love as a couple. 

Two Maids & A Mop can help make your relationship happier and your house spotless, especially with our Design With Time Cleaning Package, which is specifically designed for anyone that only requires our services just once or every now and then. Don’t let housework be a conflict in your relationship – check out our locations and give your closest Two Maids & A Mop a call today. 

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