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Don’t Reach for the Supplies Just Yet – DIY Cleaning Can Be Risky


Have you ever stood on a chair to try to dust on top of a tall cabinet? You probably felt a little wobbly and thought about if anyone would even notice if you left the dust up there. We have all been there, and truthfully, we should rethink this risky method of cleaning. Standing on a chair or counter, reaching underneath small spaces and moving heavy pieces of furniture are all actions that you may partake in during DIY cleaning. However, these can be dangerous if not done correctly, and you may end up more injured than organized. If you find yourself unable to reach something while cleaning, it’s not the best time to try to get creative. Instead, let the professionals do the dirty work. 

Using the wrong product 

Bleach isn’t the universal cleaning solution anymore – there are now specialized products for each surface of your home. If you want your granite looking new and your carpet looking spotless, you may need to acquire a collection of cleaning products, since these surfaces should be treated differently. This can be confusing, however, since there are so many products on the market and so many areas in your house. You could easily end up using the wrong product and creating a mess, or simply not getting something as clean as you want it to be. Plus, some products require safety precautions, which if you’re not trained, you may not realize how to use them. Definitely read the labels on each product before attempting to DIY clean! 

Cross contamination 

One sponge, two sponges, three sponges, four – the sponge that cleans the bathroom should not then clean the floor! If you’re using the same materials – whether it be a sponge, rag, broom or mop – to clean each room, you may experience cross contamination. This means you could be moving the germs from your bathroom into your kitchen and bedroom, potentially making your house even germier than before. One way to combat this is to separate your cleaning supplies or even color coding them. For example, the gloves and cloths you use to clean the bathroom could be blue, whereas the materials you use for the kitchen could be yellow. This way, you won’t get confused when switching from room to room. You may not think to be proactive to avoid cross contamination during DIY cleaning, but the professionals, like Two Maids & A Mop do. 

Two Maids & A Mop provides all the cleaning supplies and equipment needed to clean your home, so you don’t have to worry about the risks of DIY cleaning. Let Two Maids & A Mop do the dirty work. Check out our locations and give your closest Two Maids & A Mop a call today. 

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