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Don’t Sweat Summer – Getting Kids in on the Clean

Don’t Sweat Summer: Getting Kids in on the Clean

Well I blinked and now somehow the month of May is almost over. So, you know what that means! It means hot, unorganized, crazy June has started to peak its sweaty, chlorine smelling head around the corner.

Stay right where you are June! No one is ready for you yet!

June can bring all kinds of great things the party. No homework to fuss over, no last-minute projects to do help your kids do, no more new-math to try and figure out, no crazy schedules to follow…School’s out for Summer!!!

On the flip side June can also stir up a lot of crazy. Like crazy food choices, no showers, no rules, no one in charge, no place to sit in the house and no clean clothes to wear because no one is doing nothing (I know it’s a double negative! It’s May, I’m tired…).

So, before June pushes May completely out of the way, let’s all take a happy little second and regroup.

Let’s try and get a schedule of some sort ready for the Summer. Nothing fancy or intense, nothing set in stone, just something to help keep our Summer brains from going to mush and our homes from rotting due to neglect.

Because the thing is, one day sooner than soon, right when we least expect it, we will be all smiles bursting through the surface of our community pool and BOOM! August will be right there waving its fancy backpack and pencil pouch, ready to take us all back to school shopping.

Go away August! We don’t want to even think about you right now! 

Let’s get a handle on Summer before it gets a handle on us (I have no idea what that means…sounds good though…)!


The truth of the matter is kids are messy! The good news is that no matter how old they are, they can pitch in and help clean! Check out this age-appropriate chore info-graph from

I’ve made a daily chore chart for my crew of kids. Each day they must complete their respective chores before they can even think about play time.  Do they love it? Nope. Do they do it as well as I could? Not even close. But it teaches discipline and how are they going to learn how to do a clean if I do it for them?


The idea of cooking overwhelms me on a good day…talk to me two days in to Summer and you may as well take the spatula and flip me over because I am d-o-n-e, DONE!

So, this summer I’m coming up with a new plan of attack. A weekly Menu! And I totally plan to have a Kids Cook night!Try this fun take on the classic grilled cheese sandwich recipe. As a plus, they're so simple to make that even the kids can help out with this grilled cheese recipe.

That’s right! One night a week, my kids are going to be in charge of dinner. My gang is a mix of teenagers and older elementary school kids. So, this should work for us. I’m not expecting any gourmet meals obviously, but they can totally make BFD (Breakfast for Dinner) or spaghetti or any one of a hundred other kid-friendly meals. If I want to earn an extra badge on my Mama sash, I can give them a budget and take them shopping for the ingredients…pretty sure that isn’t going to happen though…maybe when they get older…

And hey, if your crew is young and can’t do all the cooking.  Have them help prep a meal and you do the cooking. The goal is to get them in on the task and learn while having fun!

There are a TON of recipes kids can cook themselves. Like this yummy grilled cheese roll-up from Kraft!


Several years back I spent a whole $8.00 at my local Dollar Tree and bought 4 plastic baskets; each a different color. Now each kid has their own basket for laundry. Their respective basket stays in their room for dirty clothes and they bring them down when they are full. Then the younger kids sort all the laundry according to kid/basket and back to their rooms they go.Image result for plastic laundry baskets

I also gave up folding clothes.

Really what’s the point? They just get all messed up once they are shoved in the clothes drawers anyways.

Laundry baskets + No folding = Winning!

I’m a little embarrassed at how happy this makes me.

There are a ton of ideas to help you stay on schedule and still have fun this Summer.  These are just a few of the ideas I’m thinking of implementing. I also plan on implementing a lot of grace.  Grace for my kids and for myself.

Because, I know that I’m going to start Summer out strong.  I’ll have my big plans to stay on schedule and keep things order. Then, come August I’ll be good if I’m still doing even just one of these ideas.

But, starting out with some sort of plan is better than no plan at all.

I really hope we do at least some of these things and (gasp!) …maybe we’ll be able to eat, wear clean clothes, and find the couch all Summer long!

The good thing is that no matter how nasty the house gets this Summer, my local Two Maids & A Mop is only just a phone call away!  I think I may just go ahead and call them today…

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  • Aunt Pat

    Love this idea and ready to print Chart! Thank you so much! Will let you know the success when my two grandsons come to visit for summer… was wondering how to “make this easier and less stressful”! Thanks again, Aunt Pat. And Geandma

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