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Free time? Clean up after your pets.

If you’ve found yourself searching for things to do during this challenging time, we may have a productive solution. Although you love your pets, sometimes their muddy paws or funky smells can be tough to deal with. That’s why now is an opportune time to tidy up your home by cleaning up after your animal friends – after play time, of course! 

Clean paws when pets come inside

After rolling in the dirt or climbing trees, pets often bring mud, leaves and insects into your house. Just like taking your muddy shoes off at the door, you can clean dog and cat paws when they come inside. To do so, hang a spare towel by the door to wipe off dirty paws, and throw the towel in the wash when you’re done. If your pet still leaves dirt and debris on your carpet and furniture, you can use a bucket of water and soap to gently clean their paws by the door. Clean paws will help your house stay clean and dry, and your pet free of infection.

Clean and put away toys

Keep pet toys and equipment organized in a bin, box or shelf. After you’re done playing with your pet, pick their squeaky toys, hamster balls and other items off the floor, clean them with soap and water, and store them away for next time. You’ll never trip over toys in the hallway again! 

Get rid of pet hair

A regular swipe with a good lint roller should do the trick, but if you don’t have one, you can also wrap your hand in tape (sticky side up) and pick up the hair that way. If your pet sheds regularly, a powerful vacuum cleaner can be a good investment.

Say goodbye to pet odors

Even if you bathe your pet regularly, your house can smell like, well, your pet. Before you bring out the cleaning supplies, make sure your pet is healthy – ear infections, unbrushed teeth or food allergies can all cause your pet to smell. After that, if your house still smells like pets, sprinkling baking soda on furniture and carpets, leaving it overnight and vacuuming it the next day can get rid of odors. Spraying vinegar around the house can also neutralize pet smells. Both of these are quick, easy and cheap solutions to pet odor.

With these tips, you’ll be able to keep a clean house and celebrate your animal companions – on top of being productive while at home. If you’re looking for a deep clean, recruit a professional to help you with keeping the pet chaos under control.

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