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Game-Winning Tips for Cleaning Up After a Super Bowl Party

So, you just won the Vince Lombardi Trophy of Super Bowl parties, complete with delicious snacks, cold drinks and game-winning decorations. Not only will your friends be talking about it until next Super Bowl Sunday, but your carpet will be holding those wing sauce and beer stains until then also… unless you have the right tools to clean them. 

Follow these tips to ensure your Super Bowl party is a big hit – not a big mess: 

Be Prepared Before Kick-Off 

Stocking up on materials like paper towels, dish soap and sponges before the party can get you ahead of the game when it comes to dissolving any spills or stains. Keep in mind which surfaces in your house could be at risk – whether it be carpet, fabric couches, granite, etc. – and have a supply of specialized cleaners for those areas. Fabric protector (free of toxins) for that suede couch might just allow you to score a safety. 

When setting up decorations, don’t forget the after-mess of taping things to the wall and throwing confetti. Make sure to find decorations that are easy to put up and take down, and avoid or limit confetti or messy materials to one area of the room (i.e. the snack table). And, if you use decorations that create a mess, make a note and don’t buy them next year. 

Don’t Fumble – Treat Stains Differently 

Using the wrong products and methods can make stains worse, especially if you haven’t prepared beforehand. For food spills on carpet, try to attend to the main mess immediately by carefully picking up the solid pieces and using a paper towel with water to blot – not scrub – the stain. You don’t want to push the spill deeper into the carpet. 

Since you probably won’t want to clean until your guests have left, you’ll most likely be dealing with stains that have already set in. You may need to treat these differently than new spills by using stronger products like dish soap or specialized surface cleaner. For water-soluble stains, such as alcoholic beverages and soda, a mix of nonbleach detergent and water may do the trick. However, consult the packaging on products before use, as its labels may confirm whether or not it is the right product for that surface. 

Complete the Pass of Leftovers to Guests 

An easy tip for reducing the amount of clean-up after a Super Bowl party is to send leftovers home with your guests. Not only does this avoid wasting extra food, but your guests are helping to remove your messes for you. The leftover guacamole and nachos that would be taking up space in your fridge will now be off of your clean-up to-do list and in the hands of an appreciative guest. 

For the leftovers you want to keep, don’t procrastinate cleaning them up – wrap them quickly and put them in the fridge to ensure freshness. If you know you won’t eat them, consider throwing them out right away to reduce clutter in your fridge and eliminate the lingering smell of Super Bowl parties past. 

Time Out – Speak to a Cleaning Professional

For those stains that seem to go into overtime, consider hiring a professional cleaning service to do the job. Following your crowd-pleasing Super Bowl party, Two Maids & A Mop can provide house cleaning services to take care of your mess. We know the right products and methods, and our ‘Design With Time’cleaning package is specifically designed for anyone that only requires our services just once or every now and then.

After each cleaning, you’ll have the opportunity to be the referee and review the job on a scale from 1-10. Your rating – and your rating alone – will directly determine the compensation level for the two maids assigned to your home. Sometimes, it’s better to take a time out from cleaning yourself, and put the professionals in the game. 

Call your local Two Maids & A Mop for more information.

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