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Glitter: That Gift That Keeps on Giving (And How to Make it Stop!)

Tis the season for all things bright and shiny!

Unfortunately, this often includes that ghastly thing called GLITTER!! Glitter on sweaters, glitter on ornaments, glitter on crafts, glitter on wrapping paper, on gifts, in gifts.  And of course, all this glitter also means you are likely to find it in your hair, on your clothes, on your furniture, in your carpet…you name it, it’s there! And often it’s there for what seems like FOREVER

Some Moms have even declared their homes a No Glitter Zone! But before you too put a ban on GLITTER good friends, read on! We at Two Maids & A Mop have done some glitter-be-gone research for you and found the following tricks.

Hard Surfaces

Often times a wet paper towel or damp cloth will do the trick when it comes to removing glitter from hard surfaces. If this doesn’t work, the folks over at swear that play dough is the answer. “Just grab a ball of play dough and roll it around to pick up the tiny specks.” They go on to say, “The best part: Now you have glitter play dough!”. Well, whattaya know!

Carpet and clothing

Another way to grab up that glitter is to fight fire with fire. Or in this instance, static with static! Blow up a basic balloon, rub it on your clothes (or another fabric) or across the carpet to create static electricity. Hold the balloon over the glittered area and watch the glitter be drawn right up to the balloon. As one writer said, “This approach is a science experiment and clean up all in one!” Boom! 

Another option is a lint roller. Personally, I think a lint roller is the best thing ever! Use this little gift from heaven to clean up glitter from your clothes and fabric. I’ve been known to even go after the carpet with the lint roller. You can also just grab some tape and wrap it around your hand for the same, but less fancy sticky attack.

Hair and Skin

And if you find the tricky stuff stuck to your skin or hair? Try a damp cloth on dry hair and the same approach to sparkling, dry skin. Some say baby oil or coconut oil is another approach to removing glitter from the skin. Others suggest spraying hairspray on a towel, creating a sticky surface, and then blotting the area of your head where you see glitter (you may need a set of extra eyes to help with this).

Of course if all else fails, you may need to just embrace the shine, grab your stilettos and become the pop star you always knew you could be. Or maybe a Rockette. Or maybe both. You Just let that glitter guide you to your destiny. Shine baby shine!

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You can also call your local Two Maids & A Mop. We have teams of professional house cleaners who would love to clean your home. The sparkle and shine we leave behind will be one you LOVE having stick around!

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