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Is Your Cleaning To-Do List Overwhelming?

Remember the Dr. Seuss quote from The Cat in the Hat: “And this mess is so big and so deep and so tall. We cannot pick it up. There is no way at all?” Sometimes, we feel that way about our own homes – when the cleaning to-do list is so overwhelming that it’s best ignored. 

Fortunately, there are ways to destress over cleaning and tame that list. Here’s how:

Keep an ongoing list of chores

Sometimes just thinking about all you have to do can stress you out more than actually doing the chores. Keep a running list of cleaning chores — and check them off as you complete them — so they feel more manageable. 

Work on a small section

You don’t have to work on the entire mess, just a small portion of it. Instead of cleaning an entire closet, take on one shelf or one side of it. Dividing chores into more manageable chunks and attending to them in bite-sized portions makes them seem less intimidating and gives you a greater sense of accomplishment. 

Make it a game

Model good behavior for the kids and make cleaning fun by turning it into a game. Set the timer for 10 minutes and assign each family member a room. Challenge each person to spend those 10 minutes tidying up and decluttering as efficiently as possible. Relax the rules, especially for young ones. Even if things don’t look perfect at the end of 10 minutes, the rooms will still be in better shape than before you started.

Assign days to chores

In keeping with the game idea, assigning Mondays as laundry days (or something similar) gets everyone in the mindset of doing those related chores on a given day of the week. That said, sometimes it’s easier to attend to seemingly never-ending tasks like laundry and dishes as they pile up. Otherwise, a week’s worth of laundry might become too burdensome a chore. 

Stay on top of cleaning

A quick swipe here and a quick rinse there can help decrease problems down the line. It might be tempting to just let things lie and promise yourself that you will attend to it all later, but staying on top of cleaning tasks is the easiest way to ensure they don’t become painful.

Call Two Maids & A Mop

If your chores are truly stressing you out, it might be time to call a cleaning service to lend a hand. Call Two Maids & A Mop for a quote and to learn how we can deliver a deep-disinfect and cleaning. Either way, cleaning need not be a source of stress. 

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