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Missed Spring Cleaning? There’s No Time Like the Fall!

Spring might be a time for deep cleaning, but it can be easy to overlook or push to the side when you have other responsibilities. Luckily, fall is your backup plan, and with the holidays just around the corner, now is an opportune time to get a deep cleaning in before other seasonal chores begin to occupy your ever-growing to-do list.

Where to start?

Swap out your wardrobe

Stow your summer outfits away. Keeping separate boxes might be the easiest way to switch out your clothes at the end of the season. Now is also the time to ‘Marie Kondo’ your outfits. If you haven’t worn something for the past two years, it might be time to move it to the pile to donate. 

Dust thoroughly

Look beyond just the surfaces of dressers. Vacuum and dust every nook and cranny, especially since unwanted bugs might be looking for temporary housing, and if ignored, later wreak havoc on clothing or food. Launder all heavy comforters, sheets and drapes to get the house in shape. 

Clean gutters

Summer thunderstorms and spring buds invariably lead to debris accumulating in gutters. Choose a sturdy ladder, make sure the base is on a steady surface, and clean and hose gutters. Thorough cleaning of gutters will also decrease the incidence of ice dams in the winter. 

Attend to your furnace and HVAC components

Your home heating system will soon need to go into full operational mode, so it’s best to make sure that all parts are clean and operating properly before things deteriorate and cause major financial damage. Check, clean or replace the filter. Get a professional to clean ducts and the chimney, especially if you have a working fireplace and use it frequently. Check batteries on carbon monoxide detectors and fire alarms to ensure they’re in good shape.

Prepare your lawn for the colder days ahead

Clean debris from garden beds and remove any weeds. Rake your lawn through the season to prepare it for the winter. Be sure to tidy up your garage and check that you’re equipped with any door mats or entryway accessories you’ll need to keep dirt and debris from tracking in during the fall and winter.

While spring cleaning is always a good idea, you can make up for lost time in the fall. After all, better late than never!

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