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Myth-Busting: Hot Weather Cleaning

It’s summertime, and the livin’ is easy – except for cleaning tasks that may still demand your attention. Although there are many seasonal cleaning myths, such as “heat kills all germs” or “most cleaning will take care of itself,” the summer is not the time to totally slack off on tidiness. The good news? Just a little bit of proactive attention can make quick work of tedious jobs so you can have some sizzling summer fun. 

Here are a few common summer cleaning myths – and how to combat them: 

MYTH: The air conditioner is good to go all the time 

FACT: The AC can be a lifesaver during the dog days of summer, but only if it’s in top working order. Because the appliance works with a filter that traps dust and dirt, infrequent cleaning can affect AC performance, leading to a stressful summer down the line. To prevent or minimize any AC mishaps, either replace or clean the air filter ahead of the hot season, and check the coolant level to make sure you’re not sweltering in the summer heat.

MYTH: Cleaning gutters is a fall-only activity

FACT: It’s true that constantly falling leaves choke gutters more frequently in the fall. But, leaves are not the only kind of debris to make their way in your gutters. Plenty of small sticks and leaves clog gutters in the spring and summer. Spring seeds can even grow in nooks and cracks in gutters complicating the fall cleanup even more. To save time and headaches in autumn, give your gutters a quick onceover in the summer to make sure they work as they should.

MYTH: You can only clean windows on sunny days

FACT: Actually, the reverse probably holds true. When you wash windows on a hot summer day, the sunlight can dry cleaning agents faster, meaning you may see more streaks on your windows. It may be fun to cross a cleaning task off your to-do list while enjoying the sunny weather, but it’s ideal to wash windows on cloudy days. Cloudy weather allows you to clean your windows without running into some of the common issues that can arise between sunlight and your cleaning products – and you’ll still enjoy the fresh air! 

MYTH: You don’t have to wash bathing suits

FACT: Don’t be fooled by the idea that “bathing suits wash themselves” as we swim. With chlorine, salt and other natural agents, our bathing suits can actually get pretty icky if not cleaned often. If you’re taking a dip in your town pool or even in your own backyard dive, a quick rinse in warm tap water is a good idea to remove chlorinated products from your suit. If the beach is your go-to on those hot summer days, you can afford to wash your suit every three or four uses. In all cases, follow washing instructions closely and never dry your suit in a dryer. 

Although taking care of routine cleaning chores more frequently will help you squeeze more out of those long summer days, we understand if you’d rather fire up the grill, sit back and enjoy your free time. Dirt and germs don’t take days off, but you can – get a free quote from Two Maids and A Mop and let us take care of the dirty work while you enjoy your summer. 

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