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Never had a maid service before? Here’s how to prepare your home

If you’ve never had a maid service in your home before, you may not know what to expect. Each service is different, but here are a few things you can do to prepare your home before the maid service arrives: 

Put away important documents 

Before your maid service arrives, make sure to file any significant documents you may sitting out, such as bills and other pieces of mail. Your professional house cleaners may move loose papers during the cleaning process with the goal of straightening up an area, and you don’t want to think you’ve misplaced anything important. Not only will putting any personal items away aid in the cleaning process, but it also ensures that any private information stays private. 

Make sure your pets are secure 

This depends on each individual’s preferences, but it can be beneficial for both your furry friends and the maid service employees to keep your pets secure during the cleaning. Whether that means taking them for a walk or letting them hang out in a room out of the way, your pets should be occupied. One thing to keep in mind if the amount of time your service will take, which varies depending on the company and the type of service. If your cleaning will take a few hours, make sure your pets are comfortable! 

Remove clutter 

A maid service is hired to clean, not necessarily to organize. By removing clutter on the floor and counters, your professional house cleaners will have more time to focus on deep cleaning your home. Plus, you will eliminate any tripping hazards which benefits both your maids service employees and your family. It’s also helpful to remove dirty dishes from the sink and to specify if you’d like the sheets on the beds changed. Taking care of these items before your maid service arrives can help them focus on cleaning the areas in your home that matter most to you. 

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