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Simple New Year Cleaning Resolutions

Simple New Year Cleaning Resolutions

Looking for a few simple cleaning resolutions you can add to your New Year resolution list? We have these in mind: 

Put dirty dishes right into the dishwasher 

We’ve all been guilty of putting dirty dishes in the sink and letting them sit there until it’s absolutely necessary to clean them. However, you can combat the tower of dishes in your sink by putting dirty dishware directly into the dishwasher after use. Not only will this clear your sink of both an eyesore and a health hazard, but it also saves any guests you may have from having to stare at your mess. 

Block out time each week to do laundry 

You’ve gotten rid of a pile of dishes in your kitchen, but you still have a mountain of clothing in your bedroom. You can climb that hurdle by scheduling time at least once a week to do some laundry. Making laundry habitual can improve both your stamina to do the work, as well as your desire. Plus, certain washing machines are capable of delaying a wash, meaning you can load it before work in the morning and have it start the cycle later in the day, so you return home to a load ready to be put in the dryer. 

Involve the family 

In 2020, let the family know they’ll be taking part in keeping a clean home. After toys are played with, the kids should put them away. Beds can be made by those who are sleeping in them. Vacuuming can be a family event. Need help with motivation? Try to make cleaning into a contest, play music throughout the house during cleaning time or create a few incentives – these are surefire ways to get the family involved. 

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