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Trick Your House Guests Into Thinking Your Home Is Clean

With the holiday season in full swing, you’re bound to have company in the next few weeks. If you don’t feel like doing a top-to-bottom cleaning each time you plan to have friends and family over, here are a few tips to trick your guests into thinking your home is tidy: 

Focus on the important spaces 

Your house guests will likely gather in a few rooms in your home – not all of them. That means you should focus your cleaning efforts on where they will be, like the dining room, the kitchen and the bathrooms, and not waste time worrying about your own bedroom or the laundry room if your guests won’t ever be in them. Moreover, if they are staying the night, give special attention to where they will be sleeping. A comfortable night’s rest can make your guests forget about any other mess that may be in your home. 

Declutter your countertops 

A cluttered counter can trigger the feelings of distress and anxiety – both unwelcome emotions during the holiday season. This may take some time, but making sure your countertops and tables are clear will make the entire room feel bigger and brighter. Your guests will have a spot to put their drink down, and, since you’ve done the work beforehand, clean up should be even quicker. 

Clear the floor 

Along the same lines, your guests will not feel welcome if they have to maneuver around piles of dog toys and children’s crafts strewn all over the floor. A cluttered floor is a tripping hazard, an eyesore and a threat to your holiday cheer. It may not be necessary to deep-clean your floors, but you should make sure the areas that guests will be in are free from clutter and debris. 

Focus on scent 

A fresh, holiday scent can make your home feel warm, inviting and festive. A pleasant aroma in the home can definitely create the effect of a clean space, and you can attain this by lighting a candle, using a scent spray or freshly baking your meal or dessert before guests arrive. This will also help mask any lingering unpleasant smells like your son’s sweaty gym bag you told him to move from the stairs before guests arrived. 

Clean and put away dirty dishes 

Dirty dishes – whether in the sink or around the house – create both a physically unappealing atmosphere as well as a health risk. Your house guests don’t want to see what you had for dinner last night, nor do they want to smell it. Making sure there are no dirty dishes hanging around automatically makes your home feel cleaner. Plus, you’ll need fresh dishware to put out snacks for your friends and family! 

Strategize your décor placement  

The oldest trick in the book is to cover up any lingering messes with something else. Luckily, the holiday season provides a lot of opportunities to hang colorful décor around the house to distract your guests from any mess you didn’t have time to attend to. Kids took a crayon to the wall? Cover it with a festive Thanksgiving sign. Stain on the counter? That’s where you put your menorah. A pile of mail on the counter? Stick a “Letters to Santa” sign by them and pretend it was intentional. There are endless ways to cover a mess just long enough to make your guests think your home is clean! 

Hire a Cleaning Service 

Sometimes, you may not have the desire to worry about cleaning – or hiding – your messes altogether. That’s where Two Maids & A Mop comes in. Hiring professionals to clean your home is a surefire way to make sure it’s spotless for your guests. Whether you need your house cleaning services on a regular basis or just one time, we have a cleaning option that’s right for you. Plus, it’s a great way to trick your friends and family into thinking your home is that neat and tidy all the time! 

Give your closest Two Maids & A Mop a call both before the holidays arrive to make sure your home is ready for guests, and after to help clean up any messes they make. 

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