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What’s slowing down your cleaning process?

If you’ve ever found that your cleaning regimen takes a while to complete, or perhaps you’ve gotten distracted in the middle of a task, this article is for you. While we can’t guarantee that additional variables won’t interrupt your cleaning process (kids, pets, significant others), we do have a few tactics to help your process be more efficient: 

Clean top-to-bottom  

Have you ever started your cleaning regimen by mopping or vacuuming? That may not be the best idea, especially if you plan to finish the day by wiping crumbs off the counter or dusting the shelves. When debris from higher levels in the room (shelves, blinds, etc.) fall onto your freshly cleaned flooring, it negates all the work you did earlier. And, by repeating the process, you lengthen your cleaning time, reducing your free time. 

Reduce clutter 

Another mistake people may make while cleaning that will slow down their process is to start disinfecting before clearing clutter. It’s not exactly efficient to dust around the objects on the shelf, or to vacuum around the kids’ toys on the floor. Instead, organize any clutter that may be holding up your cleaning regimen before you begin to disinfect the area.

Don’t have the TV on in the background 

Sure, it’s nice to have a TV show on in the background while you clean to distract you from your task, but sometimes, it can distract you a bit too well. You may find yourself stopping in the middle of dusting to watch a funny episode, or you may get sucked into a story line and leave the counters half cleaned. Instead, try playing music in the background to keep yourself on task. 

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